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Research Paper Outline

Dont you just love reading a good piece of research? Consider how this example reads:

All over the world, organisations are trying to improve their PR and carry out pro-environmental behaviour. There is a lot of interest in the environmental sector, particularly in improving environmental health within organisations, yet the link between intervention and academia in this sector is poorly understood. This research aims to take a novel approach by trying to bridge this gap so that effective frameworks can be established for pro-environmental behaviours in the workplace. A number of different factors were found to influence, for instance motivation and support. Peoples beliefs also coincided with their ability to carry out pro-environmental behaviour. Plans for a comprehensive framework have been suggested and further work is needed in order to put it into practice. ”

You can certainly tell that this piece of text makes the research paper off to an engaging start. Read around and youll find that all examples of research papers have come about because of novel research ideas - the novel factor of the research undertaken in the example above is certainly on display. It is common for students to worry about how they can get their research paper moving and how they can find examples of research papers to inspire them to come up with novel research questions and ideas, but with a few smart tips in mind, its entirely possible.

If you look at most of the best research papers examples, they all have a structure that is coherent and allows the text to flow smoothly. Whether youre planning an apa research paper outline or a research paper outline for high school, without a clear outline you will find yourself stuck in a disorganised mess, unable to dig yourself out. Before considering any writing, start your research paper of with a well structured outline which will enable you to get your ideas down in a way that you can understand.

Paper outline introduction

Within your research paper outline, you should start off with an introduction to your research questions and background. For your research paper example to be the best, you will need to show that you understand the topic and have fought hard about the kind of things to investigate. The best way of thinking through your introduction is to narrow down the information you have so that you can engage the reader with crystal clear sentences. Think of a broad problem and then refine it, focusing more clearly on specific research questions. A research paper outline that starts off with the broad material will be narrowed down in order to get a strong research paper example.

Research paper outline needs keywords

Before you begin flushing out your research paper outline template, consider the keywords that will help you put together a coherent introduction. As youre planning your research paper outline, think about which keywords describe what youre doing best and which are the most important that you need to emphasise in your introduction. Getting a good idea of the kind of keywords to include in your paper outline will help you focus and structure your essay.

Paper outline: make terms clear

The outline for research paper needs to include the terms, definitions, and concepts that you will focus on. Think about all the terms that are most difficult to understand and need explanation – these will have to be explained thoroughly in the introduction, so dont forget to define your terms and make a note of all your terms in the paper outline.

Paper outline context

Without explaining the context early on, the reader will not have a clue about your research and your ability to know the subject inside out. Each research paper outline example can for a comprehensive literature review – know where youre going to get information from and what kind of sources will you be pursuing or collecting in your literature review? You need to focus and strategize which information to read because you cant read everything.

Make a list of some of the most important or first, journal articles and publishers that you will approach first in your literature review process. The paper outline should guide you as much as you can. There are no good research papers examples that omit a focus on a literature review so if youre writing an apa research paper outline or a research paper outline example for high school, put a real focus on your literature review and plan for it effectively. Once you know where to turn, you will be able to start a research paper with ease.

Research essay outline: hypotheses and predictions

In all research paper examples, the hypotheses are a key component And so your research paper outline should reflect them considerably. Jot down what you think the outcomes will be and think clearly about why this may be in the context of everything youve been researching. In the end, youll ultimately want your hypotheses to be proven or disproven, so start developing ideas straight away in your outline for research paper hypothesis section. Its a good idea to get your supervisor in on this part, checking with them to see if your hypotheses are sound or not.

Research paper outline example template

Despite everything that has already been said about the best research paper example and how to write an effective outline, you may still be wondering just how to go about doing it practically. What exactly is the structure of a research paper outline example? You neednt fret or worry because we have provided a research paper outline template that can be followed with ease.

  1. Title - keep it short and mention the author(s).
  2. Abstract - simplicity is the key: its roughly 200 words.
  3. Contents page - only provide key headings here.
  4. Introduction - Why is your topic important and what have you discovered?
  5. Methodology - how can someone repeat your research?
  6. Body - the “flesh” to your outline “skeleton”.
  7. Conclusion - an executive summary.
  8. References and Appendices - keep a consistent style.

Paper outline in full swing!

Before you get on your way with producing the best example of a research paper you can, consider all the tips weve mentioned, plus the research paper outline example above. If you speak to any academics or anyone who has written a research paper, they will all tell you how important their research essay outline was in the process, so start with one too. An example of a research paper that reads well and makes a positive contribution in a field is one that has been planned meticulously.

Best of luck writing!